FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


Free money
1. Go into the Hub.
2. Go to the Caravan Traders
3. Ask the woman in green for a job.
4. The day of the job go back to the woman in green.
5. Tell her you have something else at hand.
4. Go to the entrance of the Hub.
5. Talk to the leader of the Caravan.
6. He will give you 600 crown corks.
7. Repeat as necessary.

More free money
1. Go to Doc Morbid's place in Junktown
2. Go into the basement and discover his body scheme.
3. Go to the Hub.
4. SAVE.
5. Talk to Iguana Bob.
6. Blackmail him for anything you can get.
7. Wait for your intellegence, speech, or barter skills to 
    become fairly high.
8. Talk to Iguana Bob again.
9. Tell him you have more expenses and raise the blackmail.
10. Repeat as necessary (every five days).

Free experience/karma points
1. Kill all Deathclaws including Mother and the eggs.
2. Go to the Gun Runners.
3. Tell the guard at the bridge you need to speak to Gabriel.
4. Ask Gabriel for Weapons and Ammos as a reward.
5. You will receive 1000 experience points and 1 karma point. 
6. Go back to the Deathclaw warehouse then go to the Gun Runners' base.
7. Repeat as necessary.
Unlimited combat turns
1. Enter combat mode.
2. Take ammo and hold it in your hands (ammo only, no gun)
3. Come close to an enemy and click on target.
4. Shoot him.
5. He will make a comment.
6. You now have unlimited turns - enemies don't have a chance to attack you.

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