FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Forever Legend

*Purchase a Morph Potion for 1000 gold from
 the man north of town, drink it and wait until 
Kilgaly looks like Link. Remain on this screen and 
enter one of the following codes. Repeat to disable code effects.
KSBADPOWER: grants 65,535 MP.
KSCHICKEN: prevents fights on the field.
KSGIVEME: grants 65,535 dollars.
KSIAMGOD: grants all four spells.
KSITSTOEASY: successfully ends the game.
KSLENSBOY: places Kilgaly in a bubble.
KSLIFESUCKS: kills you.
KSLIVEITUP: grants 65,535 HP.
KSROSHAMBO: mystery code.
KSWHODIDIT: mystery code.
KSWOAHBABY: grants 65,535 attack.

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