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Die By The Sword

During gameplay, hold F1 and type in these codes:

MUKOR		God mode
DEDLY		Special weapon
GOLRG		Giant player
BTINY		Tiny player
SILKY		Freeze enemies
PEACE		Kill enemies
AGRAV		Limb gravity
LUNAR		Lunar gravity
QSAVE		Quick Save
PAUSE		Pause game
FRAME		Screen Shot
TOUGH		Difficult level
MECAM		First person view
GOCAM		Stationary cam
SPCAM		Enemy cam
BAMFF		Warp to end level
GAMMA		Change gamma level
SEPKU		You die
IFALL		Knock you off your feet
HICUP		Throw you around
FUNKY		Funky keys toggle
CATCH		Out of world trapping toggle
AIAIM		Ai toggle
BZONE		WireFrame/Shading/Nothing/Normal
FPERS		Shows "Sound Cache Misses"
GOURA		Gourad shading
NTRUD		Select enemy
PLANE		Show protection and damage points
NFADE		Pallate fading toggle
GMODE		Fast cycles
COLID		Shows possible collision locations

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