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Dungeon Keeper II

*Press CTRL-ALT-C then enter a code.
DO NOT FEAR THE REAPER: successfully ends current scenario.
FEEL THE POWER: upgrades all your minions to level ten.
FIT THE BEST: makes all room and trap types available for use.
I BELIEVE ITS MAGIC: grants all spells.
NOW THE RAIN HAS GONE: displays entire map.
SHOW ME THE MONEY: grants fundage.
THIS IS MY CHURCH: makes all room types available for use.
Temple Sacrifice Results:
One Bile Demon, one Dark Elf and one Warlock will produce Imps.
Two Bile Demons will produce one Rogue.
Two Black Knights will produce one Vampire.
Two Dark Elves will produce one Troll.
Two Dark Mistresses will produce one Skeleton.
Two Dwarves and one Dark Mistress will enable the Make Safe spell.
Three Monks will enable the Mana Boost spell.
Two Rogues will produce one Salamander.
One Salamander and one Dark Elf will produce one Dark Mistress.
Two Salamanders will produce one Dark Mistress.
One Skeleton and one Troll will produce one Bile Demon.
Two Skeletons will produce one Dark Elf.
Two Trolls will produce one Warlock.
Two Vampires will produce one Bile Demon.
Two Warlocks will produce one Goblin.
Two Wizards will produce one Bile Demon.
Level Warp:
*Start the game with the -level [levelname] parameter.
i.e. C:\Games\Dk2\dk2.exe -level level1
(level1, level2, level3, level4, level5, level6a, level6b,
 level7, level8, level9, level10, level11a, level11b,
 level11c, level12, level13, level14, level15a, level15b, 
level16, level17, level18, level19, level20, 
secret1, secret2, secret3, secret4, secret5, secret6, 
secret7, secret8, secret9 and secret10.)

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