FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Descent: FreeSpace - The Great War

*Codes disable the ability to advance levels.
FREESPACESTANDALONE: enables all movies in tech room.
WWW.VOLITION-INC.COM: enables cheat mode and cheat keys.
Cheat Codes (press and hold the tilde [~] key while entering):
SHIFT-C: toggles countermeasures on all ships.
G: marks all primary goals complete.
SHIFT-G: marks all secondary goals complete.
ALT-G: marks all bonus goals complete.
K: destroys your target.
ALT-SHIFT-K: does ten percent damage to your target.
ALT+K: does ten percent damage to you.
I: toggles invulnerability.
SHIFT-I: toggles invulnerability on target.
O: toggles Descent-style physics*.
R: requests rearm for target/player (if no target selected).
W: gives the player infinite weapons.
SHIFT-W: gives all ships infinite weapons.
9: scrolls forward through all secondary weapons.**
SHIFT-9: scrolls backward through all secondary weapons.**
0: scrolls forward through all primary weapons.**
SHIFT-0: scrolls backward through all primary weapons.** 
*enables the following key assignments:
A/Z=accelerate/reverse, Keypad1/3=Slide left/right, 
Keypad +/Enter=Slide up/down
**including weapons not normally loaded on Terran ships, 
like Shivan weapons.

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