FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship


GABBAGABBAHEY Cheats enabled!
SCOURGE WowieZowie Weapons!
MITZI All Keys!
RACERX Invulnerability On/Off!
GUILE Cloak On/Off!
TWILIGHT Shields Recharged!
FARMERJOE Warp to Which Level?
ALT-F Show full map
Registered only:
BIGRED Super WowieZowie Weapons!
BUGGIN Turbo Mode
BRUIN Extra Life
FLASH Exit Path Illuminated!
AHIMSA Robot Firing On/Off!
Version 1.4 Registered only:
PORGYS Mega WowieZowie Weapons!
ASTRAL Ghosty mode! (can fly through doors)
LUNACY Robots move fast, fire seldom
PLETCHxxx Robot painting with texture xxx (001-999)
BIOPSYTOYS or POBOYS Blows the reactor immediately

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