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Commandos: Beyond The Call Of Duty

*Type GONZOOPERA or GONZO1982 during gameplay to enable cheat mode.
General/ Debug Codes:
Alt+I: displays alternate interface.
Alt+Shift+L: writes to MEMLIN.DAT.
Alt+Shift+M: writes to MEMACT.DAT.
Ctrl+F9: displays debug output.
Ctrl+E: brings up the mission editor.
Ctrl+I: toggles invisibility.
Ctrl+L: toggles invulneribility.
Ctrl+Shift+N: successfully completes current mission.
Ctrl+Shift+X: destroys everything.
F9: displays terrain information.
Shift+F1: video mode 1.
Shift+F2: video mode 2.
Shift+F3: video mode 3.
Shift+F4: video mode 4.
Shift+E: brings up the mission editor.
Shift+V: traces user.
Shift+X: teleports your unit.
Mission Codes:
KXII7: mission 2
GOH9O: mission 3
HCOAU: mission 4
TF4AO: mission 5
T8TSN: mission 6
TLESF: mission 7
TUSLV: mission 8

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