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Colin McRae Rally

*Enter the following U.S. codes at the name edit screen.
BACKSEAT: makes copilot become Nicky Grist.
BLANCMANGE: toggles rubber car mode.
FORKLIFT: toggles rear wheel steering.
HELIUMNICK: makes copilot talk like Mickey Mouse.
MOREOOMPH: toggles turbo mode.
OPENROADS: enables all tracks.
PEASOUPER: toggles excessive fog.
SHOEBOXES: enables all cars.
TROLLEY: toggles four wheel steering.
*Enter the following U.K. codes at the name edit screen.
DARKSIDE: drive all tracks at night.
BACKAGAIN: drive all tracks backwards.
FREEWAY: unlocks all tracks.
PASSEDOUT: gives Nicky control.
WHITEOUT: drive all tracks in fog.
PRESSFAST: toggles pedal power mode.
CHOIRBOY: gives Nicky Grist a Mickey Mouse voice.
SPECIALED: toggles replay transition mode.
ROCKETMAN: grants turbo boost.
BIGGUNS: grants double power.
TURNBACK: toggles forklift steering.
ALIENGOO: toggles jelly car mode.
ALLWHEELS: toggles four wheel steering.

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