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Centipede 3D

*Enter codes during gameplay then hit [ENTER].
DLOAD: quits game.
FLY: toggles fly mode.
GETALIFE: grants unlimited lives.
GOTO: advances to next level.
NORMAL: returns game speed to normal.
PEDE: creates a centipede.
ROBOT: automates game until you resume control.
SLOW: slows game speed 1x.
SLOWW: slows game speed 2x.
SLOWWW: slows game speed 3x.
SLOWWWW: slows game speed 4x.
WIMP: toggles god mode.
Diagnostic Codes:
BOXES: toggles boxes around objects.
CLEARC: clears caches.
DIAGS: toggles diagnostic code display.
PURGE: purges messages.
REPORT: generates report files.
SHOWZ: toggles screen modes.
TIMES: toggles time codes.

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