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Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now!

BIGDANGLE: toggles mutant tail mode.
BIGTWAT: turns your car to solid granite.
BLOODYHIPPY: enables drugged screen effect.
CLANGCLANG: trashes your car.
CLINTONCO: toggles hot rod mode.
DIDEDODI: drops mines.
DOTACTION: displays pedestrians on map.
EVENINGOCCIFER: simulates driving while intoxicated.
FASTBAST: toggles turbo pedestrian mode.
FRYINGTONIGHT: grants the pedestrian electric ray.
FRYFRY: grants the pedestrian flamethrower.
GOODHEAD: toggles stupid head pedestrian mode.
LEMMINGIZE: toggles stupid pedestrian mode.
MOONINGMINNIE: toggles lunar gravity.
MRMAINWARING: toggles pedestrian panic mode.
OYPOWERUPNO: cancels active powerups.
POWPOW: grants the opponent repulsificator.
SMARTBASTARD: successfully completes current race.
STICKYTYRES: enables vehicles to climg walls.
STIFFSPASMS: toggles mutant corpses (ala UK).
STOPSNATCH: toggles timer.
TAKEMETAKEME: toggles suicidal pedestrian mode.
TILTY: toggles pinball mode.
TIMMYTITTY: grants time bonus.
TINGTING: repairs vehicle without cost.
TWATOFF: toggles explosive pedestrian mode.
WATERSPORT: toggles underwater abilities.
WETWET: grants credit bonus.
WOTATWATAMI: toggles greased tire mode.
XRAYSPEKS: toggles ethereal pedestrian mode.
ZAZAZ: grants the pedestrian annihilator.

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