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*Type T and then enter codes as you would messages in multiplayer mode.
bunz: gives all shareware weapons, unlimited ammo and akimbo (dual weapons) mode.
calgon: level warp.
capinmyass: god mode off.
clarice: gives 100 health.
cousteau: gives 200 health.
edmark: shows "ahhh... those were the days."
eva galli: toggles no clipping mode.
fork broussard: super drunk mode.
funky shoes: gives the superjump powerup.
goonies: grants full map.
griswold: grants full armor.
hongkong: gives all shareware weapons and unlimited ammo.
i wanna be like kevin: toggles god mode.
idaho: gives all sharewareweapons/ammo (limited)
jojo: drunk mode.
kevorkian: kills you.
keymaster: gives all keys.
krueger: sets you on fire. deadly.
lara croft: gives all shareware weapons and unlimited ammo.
mario: level warp.
mcgee: sets you on fire. deadly.
montana: gives all inventory items.
mpkfa: god mode.
nocapinmyass: god mode.
onering: grants temporary limited invisibility.
rate: displays frame rate (didn't work for us).
satchel: gives all inventory items.
spielberg: level warp.
spork: gives 200 health.
sterno: turns the screen black then fades back.
tequila: grants akimbo (dual weapons) mode.
voorhees: shows "I will not cheat. I will not cheat."

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