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Blood 2


Press 'T' to Talk, then type:
MPAMMO             restore all ammo
MPASSAULTRIFLE     Assault Rifle
MPBEANSOFFCOOLNESS weapons and their ammo
MPBEEFCAKE         power
MPBERETTA          Beretta, do twice for dual weapon
MPBUGBUSTER        Bug buster
MPCALEB            change your character model to caleb
MPCARBONFIBER      willpower powerup
MPCLIP             ghost mode, fly and no clip
MPFLAREGUN         Flaregun
MPGABBY            change your character model to gabriel
MPGOD              god mode
MPGOSHOPPING       all items
MPHEALTHY          health to 100
MPHEREKERMUR       triple damage powerup
MPHOWITZER         Howitzer
MPISHMAEL          change your character to model ishmael
MPKFA              all weapons and all ammo 
MPKILLEMALL        kill all enemies on level 
MPLASERRIFLE       Cobalco Laser Rifle
MPMINIGUN          Minigun
MPNAPALMCANNON     Napalm Cannon
MPNEWCROWARD       newcroward (100 armour)
MPNICENURSE        +25 health
MPOPHELIA          change your charcter model to ophelia 
MPSHOTGUN          Shotgun
MPSINGULARITY      Singularity Generator
MPSNIPERRIFLE      Sniper Rifle
MPSPEEDUP          speed
MPSTRONGER         strength 
MPSUBMACHINEGUN    Submachinegun
MPTAKEOFFSHOES     invisible
MPTESLACANNON      Tesla Cannon
MPVERYNICENURSE    +300 health
MPVOODOO           Voodoo Doll
MPWARD             ward (25 armour)
MPWHEREAMI         displays your coordinates 

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