FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Age Of Empires

During gameplay, press ENTER to go to the chat box, and type these codes:
WOODSTOCK	      1000 wood
QUARRY		1000 stone
COINAGE		1000 gold
STEROIDS	      Instant building
REVEAL MAP	      Show the entire map
NO FOG		Turn off fog of war
PHOTON MAN   	Get laser guy
BIGDADDY	      Get rocket launcher car
E=MC2 TROOPER	Get a futuristic trooper
BIG BERTHA	      Get heavy catapults 
JACK BE NIMBLE	Fire peasants from catapults 
MEDUSA		Change villagers into medusa
FLYING DUTCHMAN	Juggernaughts turn into the Flying Dutchmen 
ICBM		      Give ballistias 100 range points
HOYOHOYO    	Give priest get 600 hit points and extra speed 
GAIA	       	Allows you to control the animals 
HOME RUN    	Win scenario
RESIGN		Lose scenario
HARI KARI   	Suicide
DIEDIEDIE   	Kill everyone
KILL#	      	Kill the player at position #

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