FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Army Men II

*Press BACKSPACE to enter chat mode. 
Type !when all else fails... (include dots) to 
enable cheat mode. 
Then enter one of the following codes.
!a better tomorrow
!acme discs
!aluminum foil
!beautiful nikita
!cliche ending
!doctor doctor
!fond memories
!fourth of july
!gnomish inventions
!god of gamblers
!i give up
!i have a rock
!metal sheeting
!night of the walking dead
!ninja arts
!no rocket launcher
!paper dolls
!patton's speach
!pooper scooper
!roach spray
!rubber cement
!ruby ray
!shrink wrap
!spidey senses tingling
!suicide kings
!surprise party
!veni vidi vinci
!village people
!warp 6
!watchtower in the sky

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