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Aliens Vs. Predator

I. Retail Codes:
- Alien Cheats:
Super Munch: complete episode 1 with 10 civilian head bites.
Nausea: complete episode 2 in less than two minutes.
Pipe Cleaner: complete episode three with 15 head bites.
Motion Blur: complete mission 4 in less than 4 minutes (speed > 8ms)
Mirror Mode: complete episode 5 with 1 predator head bite.
- Marine Cheats:
Mystery Cheat: complete episode 1 with 80% head shots.
Grenade Weapons: complete episode 2 with 40% accuracy.
Super Speed: complete episode 3 in less than 4 minutes.
Tiny Slow View: complete episode 4 with less than 20 shots.
Slug Trail: complete episode 5 with 32 alien kills.
- Predator Cheats:
Infinite Spear Gun Ammo: complete episode 1 with 80% accuracy.
Super Gore: complete episode 2 with 25 marine trophies.
Flaming Enemies: complete episode 4 with 40 xenomorph kills.
Rainbow View: complete episode 5 spotted less than 15 times.
Ticker Tape: complete Bonus Mission 1 with 15 alien trophies.
- Bonus Cheats:
Start a new game, easy skill, press ~, type RIPLEY_WAS_HERE.
II. Beta Codes:
*Press [~]-[F12] during gameplay to display the console. Enter one of the following codes.
ALIENBOT: grants alien bot.
FREAKOFTHEUNIVERSE: toggles god mode (marine).
GIMME_CHARGE: replenishes energy supply.
GIVEALLWEAP ONS: grants all weapons and full ammo.
GOD: toggles god mode (all species).
LIGHT: toggles aura brightness.
MARINEBOT: grants marine bot.
OBSERVER: toggles invisibility.
PREDOBOT: grants predator bot.
SHOWCOORDS: displays level coordinates.
SHOWFPS: displays frame rate.
SKULLCOLLECTOR: toggles god mode (predator).

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