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Actua Soccer 3


BALD FRITZ: classic ipswitch.
BARMY ARMY: wednesday stars.
BIN MAN: food group.
BIT OF CLARET: villa stars.
BREMNERS BOOT: leeds stars.
CANDY MAN: dick's pick n mix.
CHIP BUDDY: virtual blades.
CPU SPUD: pattis shandi men 
DELL BOYS: soton stars.
DIAMOND LIGHTS: best of spurs.
DOUBLE TROUBLE: gremlin staff 2.
DOWN DOWN DOWN: blackburn 94-95.
DOWN THE TOON: newcastle stars.
DUNCNNOMORE: everton stars.
EGG CHASERS: wigan 98-98.
EMMERSONS WOE: boro stars.
FASH THE CASH: dons stars.
FLAGSTONING: fighting forth.
FOREIGN LEGION: chelsea stars.
FRUIT N VEG: leicester stars.
GRIM REAPER: skellington united.
I MADE THIS: fc gremlin.
IMPOSSIBILITY: madness friday.
LADY GODIVA: coventry stars.
LEE THE PIG: heavenly htfc.
LONGDON GIRLS: arsenal ladies.
MEN IN TIGHTS: forest stars.
METAL HEADS: cyborg rovers.
MISS WILKO: dud's spuds.
NO THANKS: top fifty babes 2.
OZONE LAYER: greenhouse test.
PREM CLUBS: twenty four extra teams.
RAM RAIDERS: derby stars.
RULE BRITTANIA: 5 nations select.
SCOUSE PERMS: liverpool 77-98.
SHADWELL TOWN: the hardmen.
SHAME: doncaster rovers.
SINK OR SWIM: ledbury fc.
SIR MATT: busby babes.
SPIT N SPIN: actua soccer web.
TEA TOTAL: arsenal 70-90.
TFF HOBBY: boat racers.
TFF TEAMS: twenty four joke teams.
VALLEY BOYS: chalton stars.
WIDE BOYS: gremlin staff 1.
WRIGHT BUY: west ham stars.
YES PLEASE: top fifty babes 1.

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