FREE Robotic Mount - FREE Ship

Arkanoid II: The Revenge of Doh

1) Press the right mousebutton during the loading: you can see the promo of ROBO COP(??!!!).
2) Press R,O,B,O,C,O,P,P,E,R or R,O,B,O,C,O,P,P,E,T,E,R in the main title screen for continue game mode
3) Play a game normally at the hi-score screen press D,E,B,B,I,E, ,S for unlimited lives. (In any versions this cheat do not work).
4) Follow the (3) but press M,A,G,E,N,T,A for unlimited lives.
5) If you want read a message of the autor for his girl press contemporanely all functions keys.

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